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    🍂🍇 of a different mother festival 🍇🍂 [9F shrimp & oyster bar] "Petit desert assortment" 🍰👏🏻 which is right of a different mother plate which cake Fromage fondant chocolate, white peach sherbet of strawberry tart, soybean flour can enjoy with one dish We share with friend… https://t.co/VahpG97Vfl


    🍂🍇 of a different mother festival 🍇🍂 [8F Shuri] "Reproduction! Rafute bowl" Rafute which Rafute (pork kakuni) bowl of Shuri pride finished to 💡 fatty tuna fatty tuna which is revival for a limited time is desuyo 🤤 with rice excellent at affinity We only imagined and are hungry, 🤤 #Of a different mother festivalhttps://t.co/0owlHsCZ1M


    🍂🍇 of a different mother festival 🍇🍂 [8F yakiniku Toraji] "Half in the bloom of Toraji" "Half" size 💁🏻‍ ♀ ️ in the bloom of Toraji who can taste popular menu of Toraji little by little #🙌🏼https://t.co/dGWU7gKtvC which is # MORE'S-limited product only for of a different mother festival


    Good morning 🦊🍠 In MORE'S, 👨🏻‍🍳 I who am holding # of a different mother festival 🍇🍂 am just shi ttemimashitayo ✨✨ with 8ᖴ konananite, greed coupon promptly konanadeha "large serving + topping for free" ❣❣ all of you are use kudasaima by all means what, too… https://t.co/2mqfnZWnRL


    🍂🍇 of a different mother festival 🍇🍂 It is introduction 💁🏻‍ ♀ ️ by menu of each shop pride [9F GLASS DANCE] "Gnocchi of autumn vegetables and mushrooms" It is ingredients which autumn vegetables, sweet potato and mushrooms fully entered to gnocchi and cream sauce of pumpkin excellent at affinity… https://t.co/drsYN4R4AQ


    Good morning 🐯☔ Outing is fu kekudasaine 🙏🏻 for mind in step 🍠 where we had annual "Starbucks new work" introduction 🍠# Krispy sweet potato Frappuccino on today It was over the top of fresh cream and 🍠 kempiga Cali Cali texture in drink… https://t.co/1AK10Oi0YB